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Online Resources to KNOW, GROW, SHOW, and GO

03.06.17 | Spiritual Growth

    Here are several online resources to help you KNOW, GROW, SHOW, and GO with Christ. These tools and resources will help you to do for others what God has done for you.There is even a link to help you grow your funny bone!

    Obviously, not every organization or website listed completely agrees with ourdoctrinal beliefs or philosophy of ministry. But Acts 15 sets a biblical pattern for cooperating with other believers, churches, and organizations for the greater purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and fulfilling His Great Commission. If you have any questions about any of the resources, do not hesitate to contact the church for clarification.

    Resources to KNOW Christ

    Gospel Presentations

    The Bridge to Life

    Sharing Your Spiritual Story

    Five Clicks to Sharing Your Faith

    Audio Bibles

    Free Audio Bibles in a Variety of Languages

    Resources to GROW in Christ

    Bible Reading Plans

    Discipleship Journal Reading Plans

    Bible in 90 Days Reading Plan

    Multiple Online Reading Plans/Mobile Media YouVersion 

    Prayer Guides

    Various Prayer Guides

    Voices of the Faithful Resources

    Miscellaneous Resources

    Christian Audio

    Resources to SHOW Christ in Word and Deed

    Bible Study Resources

    Leadership U

    Miscellaneous Resources

    Dialogues on Current Issues by Dallas Seminary Professors

    Resources to GO with Christ

    Prayer Resources

    Operation World

    Unreached People Groups

    The 30 Days Prayer Network (Muslim World)

    Miscellaneous Resources

    Faith Comes by Hearing