Grow together through community. Community is God's design for growth. He never intended for any of us to live the Christian life alone.

What Is a GrowGroup?

GrowGroups are where people meet in homes to grow in community to show Christ in all areas of life. Group sizes vary based on make-up of group members and host home.

Why Join a GrowGroup?

Good things happen in small groups! GrowGroups are a great way to learn how to apply God’s Word in practical ways to your own life with the help of others. In the context of community you will grow closer to God, deeper in community with others, and learn how to take steps to show Christ in all areas of your life.

Who Will Benefit from a GrowGroup?

GrowGroups are a great next step for anyone who is already attending the worship service. But they are also a great way to introduce anyone to community. Anyone who wants to know Christ better and grow with others in community will benefit.

What GrowGroup Is Best for Me?

Each GrowGroup agrees on how to handle childcare for their group. No one ever outgrows the need for being in community!

What to Expect

A relaxed environment where you can build relationships and deepen community. Our GrowGroups are structured in a way that allows for flexibility and authenticity.

  • Connection Time  Where the group fellowships around food (Approx. 1/2 Hour)
  • Communication Time  Where the group shares their stories through God’s Story (Approx. 1 Hour)
  • Consecration Time  Where the group connects in deeper ways in same-sex “micro groups” (Approx. 1/2 Hour)

This structure is flexible enough to be used in any order and the length of each one can be adapted to the needs of the group! This structure serves the purpose of creating a context for doing authentic community together.