New Life Class

Bridge the Gap Between Biblical Learning and Radical Living

Sundays 9:30-10:30 AM
Teacher Pastor Chris Regas

About New Life

New Life is the result of bridging the gap between biblical learning and radical living. Our class welcomes people from all ages and stages of life - whether you are 18 or 88-years old, married, single, or single again. Anyone who desires to deepen their understanding of the Bible, while seeking to apply it in the context of daily relationships will be challenged and motivated by our time together.

Teaching includes expositional studies of entire books of the Bible as well as text-based topical studies on practical needs, controversial subjects, and theological themes. Whatever the study, the goal is to exalt Christ by being Word-fed and Spirit-led to apply the truth in love.

Current Series

Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament but this Minor Prophet has a major message for our day. Hope for the humbled and warnings for the proud. Obadiah's name means "Servant of Yahweh." In this study you will learn how the ultimate Servant of Yahweh, the Lord Jesus Christ, lived out Obadiah's message so we too can become "servants of Yahweh" with humbled hearts filled with hope in the hardest of times.

Recent Message for Moms

Does motherhood still matter? Are moms out-dated in our post-Christian culture? And why should we care, if we're not moms, or married, or are empty nesters? This Sunday in the New Life Class we'll answer these questions and see how our triune God uses moms to advance His mission through His church to a lost world. All ages and stages of life are welcomed. See you at 9:30 AM for coffee and donuts!

Recent Series

Are you more of a Prayer Learner or a Pray Warrior? Either way, most of us have much to learn about prayer. Jesus understands that we struggle to pray, which is why He taught His followers how to pray like He prayed. Learn how to pray what has become known as "the Lord's Prayer." Discover how to pray to the Father like the Son with a heart cry for His holiness.

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